Album 3

After the  provisional move into the house in June 2001, with the first finished bedroom,  the roof had to be accomplished.



Afterwards the further renovation of the house was continued, especially of the kitchen.


It needed several experiments to succeed with the production of the loam-plaster by the raw-materials found here. So that the house was completely plastered inside with this home-produced loam-plaster, which is not only inexpensive, but also very healthy for this kind of old houses, preventing problems of humidity




 And a little bit of color changes enormously...



It was a summer, like I remembered in my youth; from may to September there was always weather for shorts and t-shirt. So it was hard to realize it could really become winter here in the south.  


But in November it began becoming colder and so I felt the need of a possibility to heat. So I began mounting the heating system and chimney.....



End of November the solar water-heating was installed.


And then began our final move to the south of France. No bathroom yet, but with solar heated water in the kitchen and 3 accomplished rooms. 
And in spite of all the provisional arrangements, we are lucky to have finally arrived.


Meanwhile the sewage-system is installed, the garden-furniture in place (in January!) and even the cat begins to get used to her new home.



February 2002

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